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SCC #17

What sort of criteria is there for you to play with someone? 

1. The relationship has to be monogamous.  I’m a possessive sub and cannot share my Dom with another sub.

2. Limits are clearly discussed.  If a Dom would like to explore the possibility of pushing past some of my limits, there must be a discussion before hand.  Any attempt to push a limit in play without discussion is a violation of my trust.

3. Just like a Dom would expect me to be open with my thoughts/feelings, I expect the same of him. Communication is a two way street.  (And yes, this is something I really struggle with sometimes.)

4. I expect an emotional investment.  In many ways I am still a hopeless romantic.  I invest emotionally in my relationships.  I expect the same in return.

5. No drug use.  Period.  If I find out my Dom is using, I will drop him like a bad habit.

I would say those are my top five requirements.  My list is longer, but it’s more vanilla (like what I want in a man).  Of course, those requirements have to be met before I would consider moving to a D/s relationship.

I’m sorry I haven’t been Tumbling much this week.  I just haven’t been in much of a Tumblr-sexy-picture-posting mood.

I’ll get my mojo back soon though.

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I’m not a big fan of roses. The way to my heart is actually Gerber daisies. For some strange reason today, I’d love to see a florist come in with some roses. Even better if the roses were for me.

Guess I’m in a sort of romantic, sentimental mood today.

SCC #16

If I could be Dominant for one day I would …

I don’t know that I could be Dominant for a day.  When I first started exploring the world of BDSM, I thought that I might be a Domme. That was a very short lived thought.

When I began to explore BDSM, I thought that my day-to-day traits meant I had Domme tendencies. Yes, many of them would work well if I were in a Domme role. Yet, many of the submissive qualities appealed to me as well. Maybe I was a switch.

As I began to explore in a Domme role, I quickly realized it wasn’t for me. It did not feel right or comfortable at all. I immediately recognized control, at least in that aspect, was not something I wanted.

I’ve said it before, but the first time I played as a submissive, it was right. It was like the ‘ah-ha’ moment. It was something that allowed me to find a peace outside of my daily life. It also made me realize I could trust again.

When it comes to the bedroom, I do not have a dominant bone in my body. (Okay, maybe just a little one.) I am submissive, plain and simple.

The real question for me is if I could let go of some of the control in my daily life? Would the right Dom be able to bring out an even deeper level of submission from me? I long for the day I get to find out.